Monday, September 21, 2020

Coloring Commission - CallMePo - Rudeboy308 - Carrie White

 In the latest coloring commission I've had made to me by Rudeboy308, here we have another employee of Rudeboy308 HQ; Carrie White drawn by CallMePo.  

This one was relatively easy as far as the coloring but the real hard part came when the it came to making the background.  From what Rudeboy308 told me of the world that Carrie White came from it's pretty rocky with some forests.  So that's what I did with it.  When the end of it came, there was one last suggestion that Rude made to me; a word bubble where Carrie makes a pretty sharp declaration.  

My thanks to Rudeboy308HQ for this commission.  

(C) Carrie White - Labrynth of Flames - Studio Fantasia

Saturday, August 29, 2020

JulyViolet - Animated Harem Tracer is Pregnant

 Here we have the latest in the pregnancy Animated Harem series drawn by JulyViolet and colored by me.  Initially, when I started this series, I had BlushMallet as my collaborator but I had lost contact or couldn't get in contact with them enough to have it done but in retrospect, I think JulyViolet is much better at this.  So, I went with them to continue the series.  

In this series with Tracer, first we had the piece where she is very excited with her positive pregnancy test and now we see her several months down the line holding her very pregnant belly and holding a picture.  If you're curious about the photo, what I said to JulyViolet is that I wanted to have a picture of Tracer in a pregnancy dress looking at a photo of her ultrasound.  As for the dress, I left that in the hands of JulyViolet who modeled it after Tracer's regular outfit and I think it came out amazingly.  Especially with how I added the colors for it.  

The final hurdle of it all was the background.  Doing it like I did before with the bluish-grey wall with posters and such, I wanted to go further and add a little more items that are definitely Tracer.  Such as the British Flag and a spray from the game.  

And if I may say so, I think that Tracer would make an excellent mom.  

Thank you, JulyViolet, for the wonderful work you've done.  

Note:  All characters depicted here are 18 years of age or older.  

(C) Tracer/Lena Oxton - Overwatch - Blizzard

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Coloring Commission - Gwen Gets Slimed


In the most recent of commissions from Slim2k6, who has been a great patron as well, we have this piece that was drawn by CallMePo some years back of Gwen from "Total Drama Island" being slimed while at the camp, and really enjoying it by the look of it.  

When I was commissioned to do this one, I was given two versions of the picture, one where Gwen looked like she was floating in mid-air and another that featured the slime monster.  And I was asked to color them both.  My work was really cut out for me in this instance and it was a little hard to get to it because my regular job has been so hectic and random as far as its scheduling.  But eventually I managed to finish coloring Gwen but the real challenge ahead was coloring the background and the slime monster.  The reason is because Po tends to shade and color in the line arts and that can make things tricky as far as getting the coloring right.  The same can be said about the background as far as making it look like night time as Slim2k6 wanted.  

 But after a lot, a lot, and a lot of trial and error and some insight from Slim2k6 as well, I managed to get it to come out just right and here we have the final pieces.  

 My thanks to Slim2k6 for allowing me the opportunity to color this.  

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Note:  All characters depicted here are 18 years or age or older.

(C) Gwen - Total Drama Island - Teletoon

Friday, July 31, 2020

Coloring Commission - CallMePo - Daphne

In a more recent coloring commission from Desscribe, they sent me another art piece drawn by CallMePo of a character from a very obscure comic strip done in Made Magazine called "Hoohah".  The style of which was very reminiscent of Robert Crumb.  If you don't know who they are, I would recommend looking them up or check out the autobiographical movie "Crumb" or even check out the movie "American Splendor" that delves into the writer Harvey Peekar who was the writer of the underground comic and Robert Crumb was the artist for it for a time. 

As for the comic for which this piece is derived, it involves a small ghost story in which Daphne and a rather fear prone man find themselves out of gas on a road and a seemingly abandoned house. 

It was asked of me to create a piece in which it was on a scary background, but that seemed pretty simple to do compared to the folded frills of Daphne's top.  Coming to that part and coloring it I coudln't help but feel a great swell of pity for CallMePo when he drew that.  If you think drawing that part, imagine trying to color it with all those curves and bends and trying to imagine where the light is hitting it. 

Afterwards, it was a simply matter of laying down the wood floor pattern and the walls. 

Thank you to CallMePo and Desscribe for allowing me to color this piece. 

If you're interested in this art piece and want to see more please consider commissioning me to color a line art or become a patron at my Patreon

Note:  All characters depicted here are 18 years of age or older. 

(C) Daphne - Hoohah - Mad Magazine

Friday, July 17, 2020

NudieDoodles - Slytherin Noodle

A while ago on Twitter I came across this artist named "NudieDoodles" who did this art piece or rather designed a character that they called "Noodle":

I saw it and instantly loved it.  I think it was because of the fact that she had this cuteness to her and the fact that she had short hair which is something that I don't think is done enough with characters these days.  So I had this idea because in one of the tweets Harry Potter came up, at least I think that's how it came up, and I had this idea of Noodle being in her Hogwarts house but underneath she's wearing panties of a house she's secretly rooting for. 

So, I contacted NudieDoodles and discussed the whole idea with them and they liked it already.  Initially when I discussed the line art I wanted it to be that she's wearing a Slytherin Uniform but wearing Ravenclaw panties.  Though NudieDoodles said that she saw her rooting for Gryffindor.  So, a compromise was reached in which the panties would be left blank so that way when I color them I can put in whatever colors and crest I'd like. 

After it was done, the real fun began.  Most of the uniform was gray but that was okay because that really helps the colors of her pop a little more.  Especially for the tie and the panties.  Because of the earlier discussion with NudieDoodles, I decided to make two versions.  First the Slytherin uniform with Gryffindor panties and then another with Ravenclaw panties. 

And I couldn't help but continue to send work in progress pictures to NudieDoodles a lot. 

But the biggest challenge at the end was making a background and so I did a little research into the look of Hogwarts halls backgrounds.  And much like a lot of really old schools in the United Kingdom, there are stone walls with paintings on the wall.  So I spoke with NudieDooldes about this idea and it was suggested that I'd be throwing in my old artwork in the background but I dismissed it saying that I'd like to put in old artwork of theirs in the background. 

The art pieces I put in, if you're curious are these:

Thank you, NudieDoodles, for doing this art piece and allowing me to color it. 

Note:  All character(s) depicted here are 18 years of age or older. 

(C) Noodle - NudieDoodles

(C) Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hogwarts - J.K. Rowling - Scholastic Publishing/Warner Bros.  (Trans Rights are Human Rights, Rowling)

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Coloring Commission - DnD character

This has to be one of the more unusual coloring commissions that I have taken on.  It was on Twitter when I was contacted by TheSandman36 and they asked me to color the clothing for this particular picture.  As events turned out, it's actually the design for a DND character.  With how it was DnD based, I couldn't refuse. 

Though, as far as coloring goes it was a little tricky given how multicolored the clothes were with red, black, white, and blue with a little brown. 

But it all turned out alright despite having to go back and do a lot of editing. 

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Coloring Commission - CallMePo - Ladies of Beast King

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, the first coloring commission I've done in a very long time.  And this, I say without any hesitation, was probably the biggest challenge I've ever faced as a coloring artist. 

This one was drawn by CallMePo as a commission to BeastKing

These women are essentially a group of OC's that Beast King created and designed.

Their names from left to right are: Crystal (blue hair), Inferno (red hair), Hardrock (blonde), Omega (black hair), and Emerald (green hair). 

The process for the entire picture took almost two weeks.  Each girl took roughly two days to do because of the fact that my regular job has odd hours from week to week so I tried to get in as much time as I could for the picture itself.  Thankfully, BeastKing was patient in waiting for the finished product.  After all the women were finished, the next part was doing the background and it was asked of me to make it look like they were on a spaceship.  So, with that in mind, I went with simple steel bulkheads and a wide pane window looking out into space.  Then I threw out my bag of tricks as far as creating nebula and stars. 

My thanks to BeastKing for allowing this challenge and opportunity. 

And my thanks to CallMePo for drawing this piece. 

(C) Crystal, Inferno, Hardrock, Omega, and Emerald - BeastKing1981

Note:  All character(s) depicted here are 18 years of age or older

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Gift Art - "Sara's Ordeal"

Recently, I've become acquainted with an erotic sci-fi author by the name of DieselJester thanks to Literotica.  After talking back and forth, exchanging writings and even helping each other out, I've helped out in making the covers of a couple of his books in a series called "Fallen Stars".  However, given the artwork that I've done and he's seen it, he asked that I make something based out of the Fallen Stars series.

The section of the first Fallen Stars book involves the wife of the main character being captured, sold into sexual slavery, and being put into one of the stasis chambers and put on display in the Master's main foyer.

With the artist that I've been working with, JulyViolet, I decided to have this project given over to them.  So they did the line art and I added the colors.  Coloring Sara was pretty hard, mainly the part about the hair.  Upon finishing up the front part, I showed it to my friend, Hooksnfangs, for some art assistance and with a little encouragement, I went a little extra mile when it came to adding extra highlights.

After that, I spoke with DieselJester to get the background right.  At first I did a simple blank wall, but then I went with essentially painting out a grand foyer.  And upon finishing it, I showed it to DieselJester who immediately fell in love with it.

So, if you like a little sci-fi erotica, then check out "Fallen Stars".

(C) Fallen Stars - DieselJester

Note:  All characters depicted here are 18 years of age or older.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Coloring Commission - CallMePo - TDI Tentacle Hike

In the newest commission that was given to me by DaCommissioner and drawn by CallMePo we have Emma from "Total Drama Island" on a hike where there is a 10 million dollar prize but the hike comes with tentacles.  And by the look of things here, Emma is glad to have found them but there's the possibility of missing out on the prize.

This one did take me a long time to do because of the fact that there has been a lot of things going on in the past few weeks at home.  I don't want to go into details about it but it did slow me down as far as the artwork but I think that this piece came out a lot better than I had imagined.

When it was close to being done I knew that there was more that it could use, so I threw in some more trees into the background.  Then when it came to the issue of the sky I decided to go with making two versions of this picture, first a daytime one and then a night time one.  My reasoning for that is becuase I have done both daytime and night time versions of pictures for my commissioner.

Now that it's done, I hope that they are enjoyed as much as I did when I made them.

(C) Emma - Total Drama Island

Note:  All characters depicted here are 18 years of age or older. 

Saturday, May 16, 2020

JulyViolet - Try Guys Dnd - Joshua the Dragonborn Wizard

And here we have the final piece in the Try Guys Dungeons and Dragons series drawn by JulyViolet and colored by me.  This one is the character used by Keith Hasberger, the character is named Joshua, a Dragonborn Wizard who is also a traveling artist. 

Try Guys Play Dungeons and Dragons

Coloring this one was a true challenge because of the fact that it was the first time that I had colored a reptilian/dragon creature.  After coloring and doing the shadings, the rest of the picture was pretty easy.  At least until when it came to the case of the background.  Just like the other peices, I wanted to put in references to the Try Guys animal mascots.  Such as Zach's Turtle, Eugene's Tiger, Ned's chicken/rooster, and this one is a Giraffe. 

After that, I wanted to make a reference to something else that Kieth has done, which is a hot sauce that is sold by the company called "the Heatonist".  Sold here:  Keith's Chicken Sauce

When it was all done, or at least when I thought it was done, I turned to my artist friend, Hooksnfangs, for thoughts, and thanks to their suggestion I put in highlights on the scales to give it a sensation of a reptillian texture.  After that, it was suggested to have something drawn in on the canvas and that was when I knew of one final thing to put in reference to the Try Guys; their logo of the Triceratops. 

And there we have it, the Try Guys Dungeons and Dragons series is finished.  My thanks to JulyViolet for their work. 

Note:  All characters depicted here are 18 years of age or older. 

(C) Try Guys