Monday, January 4, 2021

IGfalcon - Majin 21 Colored

 Happy Monday, everyone.  With the first week of the new year ahead, I wanted to continue and bring some more colored lewds and nudes to you.  Here we have a piece done by IGFalcon of Majin Android 21.  If you look at the version they did with it fully colored, it is pretty much the same but truth is I like teh way they did it but I wanted to do things different, such as the clouds and add in the dragon balls themselves.  Because what's a Dragon Ball character without the dragon balls themselves. 

My thanks to :iconigfalcon: and the work they did. 

Here's the line art version if you're interested in coloring it yourself: 

note: All characters depicted here are 18 years of age or older. 

(C) Android 21 - Dragon Ball Z series - Akira Toriyama

Sunday, January 3, 2021

LunaRae Cosplay - Twi'lek Coloring Contest

Happy new year, everyone.  And to kick off what I do hope that I will be a better year, here we have another Twi'lek. 

Recently,  I had made an account over at Reddit and while browsing around, I came  across this line art of a Twi'lek to color as part of a contest run by  the cosplalyer named Luna Rae. 

Luna Rae's Twitter:

The line art was done by Hotaruchanart:

The  contest was already over but I still wanted to color it, so I asked if I  could and they gave a very emphatic yes.  And so, like the Twi'lek that  I colored by Pablocomics, I set about the task of making several  colored versions.  The real tough part was the background, like so many  others, but I wanted this one to be more like a club or a strip club  scene.  So I put in spot lights, a small crowd, and even some Star Wars  text in the background.  In case you're curious about what the text in  the background says, it reads, "Live Nude Twi'lek Dancers".

Note:  all characters depicted here are 18 years of age or older.

Thank you, Luna Rae Cosplay for allowing me to color this.

(C) Twi'lek - Star Wars - Disney/20th Century Fox

Sunday, December 27, 2020

JulyViolet - Earth-chan is not flat!


Here's the newest coloring piece drawn by JulyViolet and colored by me.  I know that I may be a little late to the meme party on this one but I still love the idea of it; a anthropomorph of the planet earth itself as well as the other planets.  The other part that I found funny about this is Earth-chan's response to people saying that she's flat.  It was because of this that I wanted JulyViolet showing off her breasts to show the entire solar system that she is most certainly not flat. 

Here's the source of the meme:

After JulyViolet colored it, I knew that I had my work cut out for me because of how her hair is blue and has the outlined land masses in her hair.  So, what I did was doubled the layers, colored one in blue and the other in green.  For the green layer, I worked on cutting away the bits that weren't needed.  After that, it was a simple matter of putting in a space background. 

But after I uploaded Earth-chan, I couldn't help but think that I had forgotten something.  Then I looked back at other versions of Earth-chan and noticed how she had a halo of clouds and hair highlights.  So I put in that but I decided not to overwrite what I uploaded and so I decided to just upload it along side the first one.  

My thanks again to JulyViolet for the marvelous work that they've done. 

Note:  All characters depicted here are 18 years of age or older. 

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Mackie85 - Wonder Woman 1984

 In honor of the release of "Wonder Woman 1984", I wanted to do something special as well.  And so I reached into some line arts that I had been meaning to color and found this one done by Mackie85.

Here's the original line art:

I wanted to color it like the DC animated universe version, which was pretty easy enough since I colored Wonder Woman several times like that.  But then the real trick came when coloring the background.  I wanted to do something similar to what I've seen in the various posters that I've seen a lot of for the movie.  So, after finding the right colors and laying them out, I set about the task of trying to figure out how to do a layout that would make the background look like the screen off of old television screens.  Basically lots of horizontal lines.  Thankfully, there was someone who had a tutorial for that. 

Here's the tutorial:

And one other thing about Wonder Woman 1984; I think it's a good movie. 

(C) Wonder Woman - Warner Bros - DC Comics

Thursday, December 24, 2020

DrGraevling - Mercedes and Christmas Cheer

 As a patron for DrGraevling, I came across a post that they did of Mercedes from "Viper GTS" enjoying some Christmas joy. 

The file itself was pretty massive and had several add-ons, such as pubic hair and the addition of some extra penises and spreading some special kind of "Christmas Snow".  Of which I will be uploading later on, but consider this a Christmas Eve gift from me to all of you.  Enjoy Mercedes.  Deck her halls and give her a holy night.  Then you'll be joyful and  Okay, I've run out of Christmas innuendos. 

The difficult part was the background since coloring all these presents was a task in itself plus doing the window.  But thanks to my friend, Hooksnfangs, I was able to fix that up just right. 

Hope this year has been great for all of you despite all that has happened.  Let's make the effort to make this a good Christmas and the next year even better. 

Merry Christmas to all of you. 

(C) Mercedes - Viper GTS - Sogna

Saturday, December 19, 2020

My Mandalorian Cosplay


Even before "the Mandalorian" aired I've wanted to make my own Mandalorian armor build but I've been having such trouble trying to figure out how to do it.  But thanks to the wonderful people at the Mandalorian Mercs, I managed to find a lot of resources for how to do it.  So, I'm going to be posting a lot of updates because I have so much going on.  So here's a list in chronological order of what I've done. 

November 7, 2020 - Mandalorian build

November 13, 2020 - Jumpsuit

November 27, 2020 - Jumpsuit Snag

December 19, 2020 - Jumpsuit complete

(C) Mandalorian - Star Wars - 20th Century Fox/Disney

Mandalorian cosplay build - Jumpsuit finished

 Here's the update on the cosplay for my mandalorian build.  Following the guidelines of the Mandalorian mercs, I've managed to not only sew up the hole left by the removed leg pocket then I sewed up the side pockets up.  And now that's the jumpsuit finished.  Now the next really tough part is the flak vest.  

(C) The Mandalorian - Disney

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Pablocomics - Mandalorian's Twi'lek

A while ago, I saw that Pablocomics was doing a commission sale, so I jumped in on that.  With the popularity of the Mandalorian, I wanted to get in on that and feed into a fantasy I've always had; being a jedi, sith, or mandalorian and having a Twi'lek to myself.  Of course, she would be freed and she decided to stay of her own volition. 

When the pic was done I knew that I had to do different Twi'lek skin tones, and that's what I did, after I was done with one, I duplicated the set over and over again and did several types of Twi'lek skin tones.  Each color is posted on various platforms that I use.  However, to see them all, you'd have to go to my Blogspot page. 

Also, if you like this image and want to have this image in a color combination of your choice, like twi'lek skin tones, custom mandalorian helmet colors, etc, DM me and we can talk.  

If you enjoyed what you've seen here, please consider commissioning me to color a line art or become a patron at my Patreon

Note:  all characters depicted here are 18 years of age or older. 

(C) Twi'lek and Mandalorian - Star Wars - 20th Century Fox and Disney

JulyViolet - High Elf Monk


A while ago, after doing the Try Guys Dungeons and Dragons art pieces with JulyViolet, I decided that I wanted to do another Dungeons and Dragons character. So, I asked JulyViolet to draw up a High Elf Monk character.

This character is something I'm doing for whatever DnD campaign I get into. The story behind this character is that you have an elf who was born into elf society but didn't want to assimilate into it. He saw Elf society as elitist and pompous. And so, he started to act "not like an elf" and this caused him to be sent to live in a monastery. While living at this monastery, he learned the ways of martial arts, the Way of the Open Palm, but living among the monks he started to indulge in some of very "non-elvish vices", namely heavy drinking and chasing sex. The breaking point of which is when he was caught in bed with the mayor of a local town along with his wife. And so he was expelled from the order and even though he was asked to return home to his family, he defied this and decided to "wander the earth", move from place to place, help people, get into adventures, sample booze and the women. And so this High Elf Monk I created is a mixture of Tyrion Lannister and Iron Fist; he drinks and knows Kung Fu.

When JulyViolet finished this piece, I knew that I had my work cut out for me, and I rose to the challenge of coloring this one. Coloring the face and such, I did wonder if I was doing right as far as the skin tones and the color of the lips. When I got to the robes, I wanted to go with my go-to colors of black, white, and green. But then came the background. At first, I was thinking of doing it in a similar town with what I did with the Try Guys DnD but to be a little more fitting for the character, I decided to have it done in a dojo type of setting.

Something else I wanted to do for the background is that I wanted an art piece in the background in calligraphy, much like what is done in most dojos.  However, since he is a high elf, I wanted there to be something more Elvish. I wanted to have the phrase, "you are already dead" written in Elvish script in there, but I couldn't get that done. So, I went searching for something else. And that's when I came across Vanyanie and this vector piece they did:

So I used that and put it into the background.

Head on over to YouTube to see the video progress of it. 

thank you, JulyViolet, for the work that you did with this.

If you enjoyed this piece, please consider commissioning me to color a line art or become a patron at my patreon.