Sunday, December 29, 2019

MoulinBrush - YCH Animated Harem Maggie Mui

Here is a piece done for me by MoulinBrush of Maggie Mui in an YCH animated GIF.

My thanks to MoulinBrush for the work that they've done. 
Note:  All character(s) depicted here are 18 years of age or older. 

© Maggie Mui - Read or Die - R.O.D. the TV - Aniplex

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Art in Review 2019

With the year coming to a close, it is time to reflect on the work that has been done by me and by the people that I have worked with thus far. 

I want to thank each of them.  To Ange1Witch, JulyViolet, BlushMallet, CallMePo, IGFalcon, Michael Lee Lunsford, Ketsuga.

As for the pieces that are featured here:

Demon Hunter Ishraphel

Aunt Cass Pregnancy Test

Velma for Rudeboy308HQ

Harry Potter and Onyxia

Dark Magician Girl and Blue Eyes White Dragon

Animated Harem Tracer


Savage Land Storm

Animated Harem Maggie Mui

Zone-Tan Pregnancy Test

Crystal and Diedra

Mizuki upstages Naga

(C)  All characters belong to their respective owners.

Note:  all character(s) depicted here are 18 years of age or older. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Coloring COmmission - Rudeboy308 - Merry Christmas from Rudeboy308HQ

In another commission made to me by Rudeboy308, we have one of Beth making her own christmas greeting.  The line art itself was done by CallMePo and I have to say that coloring this one was a lot of fun to do what with it being Christmas Eve.  Of course, there was another version of this picture that was colored by somoene else so I had to think of something different for it.  So, in talking with Rudeboy, it was suggested that I make the background look like a display for a Mall Santa.  So, after looking around various pictures of displays, I found one and tried to model it after that.  Making a red house with green trim, a candy cane like pole for "The North Pole", and, of course, a sign saying "Santa's Workshop" because Beth has some better gifts for the mom's and dad's out there.  Especially for the ladies who work at Rudeboy308HQ. 

But after it was done, I felt like there needed to be something more.  Such as, I wanted there to be a little writing on it saying "Merry Christmas".  After that was done, I said, "this is good."

Thanks to Rudeboy308 for allowing me to color this.

Note:  All character(s) depicted here are 18 years of age or older. 

© Beth - Rudeboy308

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Coloring Commission - Rudeboy308 and CallMePo - Mizuki upstages Naga

In the newest commission piece given to me by Rudeboy308, it had him with the top member of RudeboyHQ308, Mizuki upstaging Naga in her own outfit. 

This one took a little longer to do than normal due to the holiday season and having to go through a lot of the 9 to 5 nonsense.  However, I did keep at it, little by little.  Once it was done, I had a few ideas that I threw into it.  Namely that they woudl be in the hallway of a convention on their way to a cosplay convention.  Initially, the plan was to have the background be like a cityscape but when I put forth the idea of a cosplay contest, Rudeboy308 jumped at that and loved it. 

I even thew in a word bubble and a small anger mark for good measure.

My thanks to Rudeboy308 for allowing me to color this.

Note:  All characters depicted here are 18 years of age or older. 

© Mizuki Tachibana - Gravion - Masami Obari

(C) Naga - Slayers - Hajime Kanzaka

Friday, November 1, 2019

Coloring Commission - CallMePo/DaCommissioner - Crystal and Diedre 2

Recently, DaCommissioner had asked me to color a follow-up piece to Crimson Patroller and Crystal.  The piece was relatively the same in the overall setup but the added challenge to it all was that it was asked that I could have it done before Halloween.  Time crunch, wouldn't you say? 

The artwork was done by CallMePo.  

But it all worked out in the end. 

My thanks to DaCommissioner for allowing me to color this.

(C) Crystal and the Crimson Patroller - DaCommissioner

Note:  All character(s) depicted here are 18 years of age or older. 

Saturday, October 26, 2019

BlushMallet - Animated Harem Maggie Mui is Expecting

Continuing the series of "My Animated Harem" from the artist BlustMallet we have Maggie Mui showing off her positive pregnancy test.  When I approached BlushMallet for this next commission, I knew immediately what I wanted Maggie to do.  I wanted her to be fully dressed in her "Paper Clothes", holding the test and holding a copy of the, pretty much the pregnancy bible:  What to Expect when You're Expecting.  Every pregnant woman I've ever met goes to this book so I knew that Maggie would be getting this book for a time like this.  And of course her having that signature blushing look on her face. 

When it came time to color, it felt somehow a lot easier, maybe it's because I've colored so many line arts of Maggie that it seems second nature or because the lines that Blushmallet does are so easy to work with.  And as repetitive as it is, doing art of her against the bookcase is completely in character.  Sames goes for the falling paper in her background.

My thanks to BlushMallet for allowing me to commission them for this.

Note:  All character(s) depicted here are 18 years of age or older. 

© Maggie Mui - Read or Dream/R.O.D. the TV - Aniplex  

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Coloring Commission - CallMePo/Rudeboy308 - Mizuki Wedding

In another in the wonderful line of line arts given to Rudeboy308 by CallMePo we have Mizuki on her wedding day to the lucky dude.  The one bride to the one who has an entire company of wifus.  Coloring her was tricky when it came to her hair because it is so long and so dense.  After that, the biggest hurdle was the ruffle trims Just a lot of detail to work with.  After that, the background that was requested was a church.  Initially the ideas was to do it from an angle where the aisle of the church behind her but that became a lot to do so I switched it to her standing in front of an altar in front of a set of some stained glass windows.  Thanks to a few tricks I know in Photoshop I managed to give it the texture of stained glass. 

And I'm certainly glad that my commissioner loves it and I have a feeling that CallMePo would love it too. 

Thanks again to the both of you for this.

Note:  All character(s) depicted here are 18 years of age or older.

© Mizuki Tachibana - Gravion - Masami Obari

Saturday, October 5, 2019

BlushMallet - Animated Harem Zone-Tan is Expecting

In the continuing series of "My Animated Harem" we have a piece drawn by the marvelous BlushMallet.  This is part of a section of the animated harem series in which each member finds out that they're pregnant.  I know that many of you may not like this that you think pregnancy is disgusting and all that but I think pregnancy is a beautiful thing.  Which is why I want to see each member of this group to go through it and to see how it looks.  In the case of Zone-tan here, I figured with the way that she is, that the best way that she woudl respond is with her usual smarmy, snide and sarcastic way.  She stands there, cocked hip, crossed arm and holding the test as if tho say that she has something to say.

My thanks again so much to BlushMallet for their beautiful work on with Zone-tan and I look forward to more linearts in the future. 

Note:  All character(s) depicted here are 18 years of age or older.

© Zone-tan and ZTV News - Zone-sama - Zone-archives 

Saturday, September 28, 2019

CallMePo - Animated Harem Maggie Mui

In the continuing series of "My Animated Harem" we have a piece drawn by the incomparable CallMePo

Original Lineart Found here:  Secret book of CallMePo - Maggie Mui Line Art

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, but as I've said before in my previous post my regular job and regular life has slowed my overall progress.  This one I had some trouble getting started mainly becuase of the fact that I was having such an issue with the background.  I did want to do something different but I decided to fall back on the same background that I used in a previous version of Maggie done for me by JulyViolet. 

However, there was something else that I had done in various versions of Maggie that I hadn't done here; the floating and falling paper in the background.  After a little random scattering, I looked at it and saw that it was a good fit.  Although, I had a little help from Hooksnfangs as far as the skin highlights and "under blush". 

As for the title of the book that Maggie is holding: "Bad Behavior" by Mary Gaitskill, the best way I can describe it to anyone is this; "This was 50 Shades of Grey before 50 Shades became the popular go to smut book for bored soccer moms."  The premise is almost identical but the thing is that "Bad Behavior" was released years before.  The story holds a lot of BDSM themes to it so if you're ever in the market to read something like it, I'd recommend it. 

My thanks again to CallMePo who drew this and to Hooksnfangs who helped with the finer details. 

Note:  All character(s) depicted here are 18 years of age or older. 

© Maggie Mui - Read or Dream/R.O.D. the TV - Aniplex

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Coloring Commission - CallMePo - Rudeboy308 - Kiyone

I know that I haven't done much in the way of art recently but the regular job and other things have stopped me from doing my coloring commissions.  Here we have a coloring piece drawn by CallMePo and commissioned to me by Rudeboy308

This one was oddly simply and complicated to do.  For one, the simplicity of the outfit was the fact that it was one character but the complicated part was with the different colors on one uniform.  Doing this made me start to sympathize with the animators for the Tenchi series itself.

the other part that was hard was Kiyone's hair, if you know the Tenchi series and it's various sequels and spin-offs then you'll know what I mean about her hair.  The fact of it is that it seems to change color and shades from series to series and so that makes it hard to pin down.  Is it dark blue?  Is it black?  Is it a deep green?  It's hard to pin down but with a little tinkering, I think I managed to get it.  But in the end, it was the opinion of the commissioner that sealed it.  And they were very pleased with it.

Thank you, Rudeboy308 for commissioning me and my thanks to CallMePo for drawing it.

(C) Kiyone - Tenchi Muyo - Hitoshi Okuda